Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally, the Camera Review

A few days ago I posted about my fancy smancy camera, which was pretty much the blog version of me jumping up and down, giggling, and hugging my camera. You can image me a field of flowers too if you want. maybe with a clothes line of whites. But I didn't actually tell y'all what camera I bought and why. So that is what this post is about. An attempt at a camera review. Now, I'd like to say upfront that I know very little about cameras and i am no professional. But I did do a little bit of research,and that research helped me make my selection. So to save you the meticulous trouble of such 'research' here we go....

There were two things I was looking for when picking out my camera
* Under $1,000
* good for action shots

I had to look into what made a camera 'good' for action shots and these are the aspects that kept popping up
*fast autofocus- So when Flora is running towards me, My camera can keep automatically focusing on her and not result in a blurred face.
*high frames per second(fps)- this is the maximum number of pictures you could take in a second. Necessary to capture toddlers who can't stay still, but you want pictures that make it look like they do.
*High ISO- This is pretty much how much light the camera captures, at least my understanding of it. A high ISO is necessary for indoor shots. This way poor lighting conditions still result in good photographs.
*I wanted megapixels ranging from 16-18
*a really good 'Auto' mode. lets be honest, 'Auto' is awesome. 

Now i'm sure i'm missing other important aspects but these are what I had in mind when checking cameras' stats. So the camera I ended up getting is the Sony A55. And so far I have been very pleased with my purchased! It has a super fast autofocus, 10 fps,high ISO range, and 16.2mp. There are a lot of other neat features (like a GPS) but more importantly, it was in my price range. I got a bundle deal from Best Buy with the body, 18-55mm lens, 55-200 telephoto lens, camera bag, battery and memory card for $1,000. Not bad. Not bad at all ;) It won 'Camera of the Year' by Popular Photo last year- so that's always a good sign ;) here are a few shots with the camera so you can see the image quality for your self....

i'd have to say that the image quality is the only thing i'm a little...' it could be better' about. (y'alls comments on my Fancy Smancy post made me feel better though :) I've been shooting in the fine/jpeg mode when there is a higher quality, RAW mode. I haven't bothered to use that one yet, but I will soon and see if there is a difference in image quality. The middle shot was taken with the 10fps mode, and the other two are plain Auto.

so there you have it! I would definitely recommend this camera. So get it now while its still on sale ;)



  1. 'WHOA look at the size of those...those eyes!'
    -my 12 year old

    You're right...they are like Hugo's!

  2. Oh my goodness, love those pics!! Great bunny action shot:)

  3. what a greatt camera, looks very professional. i think the image quality is good? and you have adorable little girls!

  4. SO great! When I got my DSLR it seriously changed my life and manzanita. It is amazing what a good camera can do. I took a little intro to digital photography class at my local camera store and it was SUPER informative! It sort of just taught me what all those darn buttons are for.

    I look forward to more beautiful photos of those two little angels:)


  5. That second photo is absolutely darling! You have some cute kids, lady!
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

    1. Thank you! i love the bunny flying in the air,haha