Thursday, September 15, 2011

Folklure is now Urchin Knits

I know I had said that I would be sharing a camera review today, but due to some BIG changes, I'll be posting the review tomorrow and tackling the name/url change announcement today :)

The past day and half there has been some funky stuff going on while trying to access the blog. The biggest thing being a new URL, which has had me scrambling to make sure my readers could find me. But I am happy to say that I THINK I have everything figured out, and from now on it should be a smooth transition. But please let me know if you are having problems accessing the site or any pages.... any glitches, so that I can fix them asap.

With that disclaimer out of the way, i'd like to give the official announcement for the new blog and 'opening soon' shop:

ur·chin  noun \ˈər-chən\ 
1. a mischievous roguish child, esp one who is young, small, or raggedly dressed

I know I had said I wanted to name the shop Knotty, but i'm a capricious girl and changed my mind ;) So When brainstorming about my new shop's mission statement, and what style/feel I wanted to convey, I decided that I really wanted to capture my, no, my children's lifestyle. I know this might seem like a no brainer, but for so long i''ve been following other lifestyle blogs thinking, "i wish my household was like that." "I wish my kids dressed like that" and so on.... But I had a revelation. There is nothing wrong with my lifestyle. I bet there are others raising their kids like I do. So instead of wishing I was like that mom, i'm going to embrace and flaunt what my household does, and how we do it. shamelessly.
And what is this lifestyle that i've been sweeping under the rug?

We are not fashion forward. We aren't 'fashion' anything. We barely wear clothes. I walk around in my knickers, Evelyn runs around in only socks or rain boots and Flora sports a diaper, headband, with a knit toy clutched in her hand. When we go out, we shimmy into vintage dresses. Not because it is 'in' but because we got them for $5 at a thrift/donation store.

We jump on beds, we color on the walls and take a magic eraser to it later. A day in our house is like a musical- we are always breaking out in random song and dance. No matter how many baths I give the girls, there is always a knot in the hair, paint on the hands and a smile on their face.

This is how I do things. We have fun. we make messes. My household is definitely not perfect, but hey- perfection is boring ;)

And THIS is the energy I am trying to capture with Urchin Knits. With an emphasis on accessories and toys to keep little mischief makers occupied and laughing. I'm going for a fun,disheveled look. So when the word 'urchin' sprung to mind, I knew that it would be the perfect name for the image I am aiming to create.

So if you can relate to this lifestyle, if you want to hear funny stories from my home, if you want to find fun toys and decor for your kiddos, along with some DIYs and out of the box activities to share with your family, bookmark this link and enjoy the ride



  1. Very cute and real, the circus has arrived!!

  2. i like it! let me know when you have new buttons so I can switch the one on my page.

  3. Yay for Urchin Knits! Love your philosophy too. (And just between us, but I was walking around in my knickers a few hours ago too. The fashion-police-preschooler said, 'Mum!? You're nudie!' Guess he prefers his mother wearing pants ;)

  4. Amanda, Great name and a great post!
    We walk around in cardigans and slippers most days due to the cold, but I can totally relate to what you're saying! I look at the tidy minimalist homes floating around the blogosphere and despair. I think that people really want to share in real people's lives. I appreciate your perspective and can't wait to see your new shop and photos with your fancy camera!