Monday, August 15, 2011

Thrifting with Evelyn

This weekend Evelyn & I shared some mother daughter fun by hitting up the Airman's Attic and a (new to us) thrift store, Dinosaurs&Roses. Airman's Attic never fails to disappoint, as we got lots of cute clothes and TONS of books for the girls. I'd probably never hit up Dinosaurs&Roses again-it wasn't that good. But we did find a vintage music box for Evelyn. I have one just like it that she adores, but she can be a little 'rough' with it, as i'm sure most 2 year olds would, so she was psyched to find one of her own. After shopping, we shared a hotdog and strawberry sundae from Dairy Queen :)

One of the perks of my baby growing up- a fun shopping partner


  1. Love the " new" jewelry box. Thanks for sharing those cute pics of Evelyn enjoying her dq.

  2. I totatlly agree, I love taking my daughter shopping with me too...and that's one thing I love the most that we get spend time together and have such a great time. That jewelry box is adorable and such a great find.


  3. I am new to your blog and I am already in love love love. you're daughter is beyond amazingly cute and I can relate to the getting older, best shopping buddy ideal. my two munchkins are my best shopping partners, ever. I couldn't have asked for better ones. <3 I can't wait to read more and make you a daily read! Oh and hey, I have an awesome giveaway sponsored by stubby pencil studio that I know you would just love.

    come drop by and say hello!

  4. Bonjour Amanda! It's taking me a little while to comment here because Blogger is causing me trouble, argh. Anyway, I'm glad you visited my little virtual world because it brought me here. What a delightful blog you have. And how sweet to go shopping with your little girl!