Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cheapo Was Her Nameo

I've started a new knitting project! I'm whipping up a diaper cover for Flora to wear in her 12 month pictures next week. I found an adorable polka dot top for $2 at our local Children's Orchard, and choose a pea green colored yarn that matched to knit the bloomers with. 

This is how much I've gotten done as of this morning, I'm about half way through the pattern now. The pattern I'm using is the Milo Soakers from Vintage Baby Knits. The same adorable knit book I used for Flora's Shrug back for her 9 month photos. So far they are knitting up quite nicely! I'm using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Pea Green. That's right. I'm no yarn snob. I make 100% acrylic look good ;) 

And here is the shirt, that obviously will need to be washed and ironed, haha. I also ordered a pair of vintage white shoes off Etsy for the photo shoot. you know, the ones that babies are always wearing in the Little Golden Books?- only 3 bucks people. So basically I just spent $5 for Flora's 12 month outfit (The yarn was from my stash) 
aka cheapo.

Well i'm off to knit knit knit! Be sure to check out my Ravelry page for more info on this project, or to view my previous knitting endeavors :)


  1. Oh my, that would be adorable. I need to work on a few diaper covers for my store. She's going to look so cute.


  2. So sweet! Babies (and, um, everyone) look so cute in polka dots!

  3. Flora has got to be one of the cutest baby names ever!