Sunday, August 14, 2011


With a title like this it is best just to cut to the chase. I have a very wild story to share with y'all today. Its taken me a couple days to get over the shock of it all, but I am finally able to laugh it off so here it goes:

A couple days ago I went to the hospital to get some blood work done, this blood work was a pregnancy test.  I decided to get one out of precaution since I hit my 1 year mark with an IUD, and with an IUD, women rarely get periods. So to be safe, there I was getting a pregnancy test. Well.... I get a phone call a few hours later and it is the nurse. (By this time my hubby was at work) after confirming my name and birth date, she reveals to me that the test came back POSITIVE and that i was indeed pregnant! 
She starts talking about appointments and procedures and all this....stuff and i'm falling to the kitchen floor with my hand over my mouth screaming "noooooooooooo!" in my head. Finally the nurse hangs up and I start balling, wailing,whimpering, crying my eyes out as I call my Mommy and tell her, "We aren't ready for another! Flora just turned one! There would be so many complications with my IUD! I was on birth control for a reason!" tons of "Why me?"s spewing out. Then I call my dear friend over, and she comforts me, speaking positively, and I finally have my tears and thoughts under control. Then, the nurse calls back. I answer the phone wondering when my appointment is, and this is what she tells me,
" I am so terribly sorry, there was a mess up with the lab paper work. Turns out your test came back NEGATIVE, you are not pregnant."

I hang up the phone and tell my friend and in another state of shock we start laughing hysterically.

Seriously? Get your shit together! There are three things you don't mess up when calling someone with results, AIDS,cancer and pregnancies. You just don't. What if i was mentally unstable and killed myself? What if i had been trying for years and had already called all my family members and friends? UGH. needless to say, that was a horrendous day.


  1. omg. I would have had to write a strongly worded letter after an incident like that! i feel out of breath from just reading about this!!

  2. Omigoodness! This is horrible and hilarious (you told it so well). Yar, not v impressed with that clinic.

  3. wow, that sounds horrible! lol those people need to get it together man!

  4. That is horrible. I would have told them that when and if you decided to have another baby they should pay for it. The mistakes people it thoroughly first before confirming the results.


  5. Omg.. that is scary. I would have died if I got a phone call like that. Any type of STD, Pregnancy, or AIDS test should be done in the office and double checked!

  6. oh my goodness!!! what a craaaaazy day!! Poor you! I have an IUD as well and as I was reading your post I was thinking, no way, I can't get pregges with one of these... phew... my goodness i totally feel for you!!!

  7. Holy shit!! That's all I can say. That's just messed up.

  8. crazy hospital people! how could they make that kind of mistake?! goodness, I think I would have had a heart attack!! You poor thing. Although on a positive note, it does give you a great story to tell at dinner parties with friends! :) xx