Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sneak Peek

In preparation for Henderson ArtBeat, i've been making jewelry like a mad woman, trying to bulk up my stock and fill my first craft fair table! 
I have posted two of my newbies for sale already, The Maegen and The Celestial

The Celestial Necklace

i shared a pic of The Maegen in my last post, so here is a pic of The Celestial (just to be fair ;)

i have made 9 other pieces of jewelry for Folklure, !NINE! in just the past two days. I have not posted them for sale on Etsy yet though. I am going to see what sells tomorrow, and what doesn't sell, I will post for sale on Saturday. But here is a little sneak peek at the items that will grace Henderson ArtBeat tomorrow!

Don't forget to stop by the Flex Family Arts blog and enter the Folklure Giveaway featuring a pair of my 'Blue Quartz Point Earrings' !!!
~The giveaway ends Tuesday~

Also, Folklure's 'Grand Opening' promotion - first five customers receive a FREE GIFT- is coming to end with only 1 opportunity left! 


  1. So pretty! And I love the photograph of the model wearing it. I really need to get some real people in my Etsy shop photographs but I think I may need to have a professional do it so it turns out right. Great job!

  2. Thanks Tricia!

    I just take pictures of myself wearing the pieces with a basic camera- nothing fancy- and i think they turn out ok! No need to go professional and spend the big bucks ;)

  3. Wow, well it looks amazing! You definitely have an eye for it!

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  5. I love your new jewelry, they are all great pieces. especially the flora :)

  6. Beautiful jewelry and I love your style of photography.

  7. Gorgeous! The neck in the first picture is stunning. They all are!