Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DIY Jewelry Stand

Goooooooood Morning! 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day :) Our family had a great time, full of arts&crafts,face painting, watermelon and sun.

Today i am going to share an easy DIY project, a jewelry stand that not only costs little to nothing, but adds a punch of whimsy in displaying necklaces.

i made this jewelry stand to display my necklaces at craft fairs, and am thrilled by the outcome!
  • The first thing i did was purchase the blue glass bottle from World Market- Its original use is to hold oil in the kitchen, but i found the blue glass,shape and height perfect to hold a branch for this project. the bottle was $5.99
  • Then i went out a found this broken branch off a nearby bush around my apartment complex. Look for one the will fit in the bottle opening and one that has nice sturdy and long branches with many offshoots. remove any greenery.
  • using a $.89 bottle of gold acrylic paint, i  brushed on the gold to give a gilded, shimmering effect. I didn't want to totally remove the 'natural' look of the wood to a slight brushing is fine, just to catch the sunlight and draw the eyes.

Once dry, just pop the branch in the bottle, drape your necklaces, and VOILA! 

I saw a lot of jewelry stand DIYs that would glue the branch to wooden block instead of using a bottle, but personally i prefer the height a bottle lends (for longer necklaces) and it is much simpler then drilling and buying gorilla glue...

feel free to add sand/rocks/etc.. to the bottle to give it some weight if you plan on using this for your craft fair table- a strong gust of wind might knock it down otherwise.



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  1. Hello from your newest follower. Your earrings are beautiful! I found you through flexfamilyart :O)

  2. That jewelry stand is gorgeous! Gives me ideas for my wedding! :)