Friday, June 10, 2011

Feature Friday~ Xau Xau

Happy Friday friends! Today's featured Etsy seller is a yarn savvy friend who creates such fun,colorful jewelry pieces! Alise Lake of XauXau creates unique pieces of crochet art that are sure to make the wearer beam :) As a fellow knit/crochet fiend, I was so excited when Alise agreed to a little interview on my blog. So without further delay, here is the creative mind and hands behind XauXau...

earth drops - handmade crochet bead earrings

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

                                              Positive, funny, dreamy, quiet, extraordinary

striped - handmade colorful crochet line necklace

Tell us a little bit about your etsy shop, XauXau

XauXau is all about colors and different type of crochet. I believe that XauXau reflects my inner dream world where everything is possible. I try to combine the traditional techniques and philosophy of crochet with new experiments inspired from many things seen in Etsy, in the surrounding world and in my dreams. Also – I try to challenge myself to make something I thought I never could.

sea necklace - handmade crochet bead necklace

When did you first learn to crochet and who taught you?

I smile remembering this. I was still a kid (going in the kinder garden) and I had the most wonderful grandmother who was patient enough to guide me in the first crochet and knitting lessons. I remember this yellow crochet doily we made together. As every line was different, she would start it and show me how to continue and I tried my best. It was so interesting! Even the kids in the kinder garden were astonished when I showed the outcome!

the rainy cloud brooch - handmade crochet cotton brooch, pin

What inspires your pieces?

Oh - everything that surrounds me! But I will give you one example. Sometimes a new item is like a catalyst for the next one – just looking at it or already in the process of making - it shows me a lot of different ways how to continue. It can be quite annoying as the previous one has to be finished and my thoughts are already someplace else. :D

lines of the Painter - handmade crochet necklace

Can you tell us one vintage and one handmade item currently on your Etsy wishlist?

I love when vintage things are being recreated. This outcome is just something breath-taking!
 Metal smith is something I would love to learn sometimes in the future. For now, I can just adore the beauty of this ring, for example: 

rainbow necklace - handmade crochet bead necklace

What personal crochet project are you currently working on?

How about if I show you something that I have made just recently? 

and just for fun, what is your favorite flavor of coffee?

I am one of those rare people who don’t drink coffee. :) But I sure love teas. During cold winters it’s nice to have a cup of lime flower or peppermint or mix of different herbs tea. Healthy, tasty and full of Latvian senses. Mhmm!

Thank you Alise!


Since I will be at Henderson ArtBeat this evening, Folklure's Etsy shop will be closed from 4pm today and reopen tomorrow at 12pm with updated inventory!

I would also like to give a shout out to Folklure's Giveaway winner, Of the Fountain, who won my 'Blue Quartz Point Earrings' this Tuesday on the Flex Family Arts Blog! CONGRATULATIONS!


  1. Wow, awesome items. Love the lamp, I need one of those. Thanks for the interview.

  2. Thanks a lot, Amanda, for interviewing me.. :)
    The outcome is gorgeous!