Wednesday, June 8, 2011

As Seen On...

Larkin Poe!

Last Friday the folk/rock band, Larkin Poe, played at Henderson ArtBeat. As a vendor, I was super psyched to see this sister band, comprised of Rebecca and Megan Lovell, play on stage! I've heard their music before and immediately fell in in love with them- their band has the usually drums and guitar, but it is the sound of their mandolin and dobro, combined with gorgeous vocals that really get you. Plus, i've always been a sucker for ballads, so the fact that their lyrics tell a story makes it impossible to stop listening mid song :) 

As you can see I am a fan so i did not let this opportunity pass me by!
What would be better than seeing them in concert?
seeing them in concert wearing my jewelry of course!


 These girls were sooooooo incredibly sweet and agreed to wear their favorite Folklure piece on stage. Not only that, but Rebecca (lead vocals) gave a shout out to Folklure in between songs. Like i said- sooooooo sweet

It was such an amazing feeling seeing my necklaces being worn, glistening under the stage lights. Definitely one of my favorite moments being a jewelry designer so far :) 

Be sure to check out the Larkin Poe website and hear these girls for yourself!


  1. That's fabulous!!! Congrats!! :)