Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eclectic Granny Square Blanket

My mom and I have been working on a granny square blanket for little miss Evelyn :)
There is something so chill and addictive about granny squares! We started about a week ago and already have all the squares done- well.... i have 3 left but my mama is the queen of crochet so she was done yesterday. Now the tedious,less fun part, of putting the squares together. But I am so excited to see the finished project, i know i'll be whipping them together quick so i can wrap Evelyn's blanket around her tight!

Fun,bright colors for a fun,wild girl!

The blanket consists of five different granny square motifs, in 4 coordinated colors.
The pattern gives instructions for (starting from left):

Puff Flower Square
Petal Flower Square
Cluster Square
Basic Granny Square
Popcorn Flower Square

The pattern is pretty poorly written,but anyone who has crocheted before can figure it out.

 Evelyn's Eclectic Granny Square Blanket uses all worsted weight yarn, I am using a J hook and Mimi is using an I ( I crochet tight, she crochets loose) but basically the squares come out to 5 1/2 inches across. Here are the yarns used:

Pea Green by Lion Brand Vanna's Choice
Eggplant by Lion Brand Vanna's Choice
Light Raspberry by Red Heart Ltd. Super Saver
Aqua by Red Heart Soft Baby Steps

* Mimi is using Turquoise by I Love This Yarn! since her JoAnn & Hobby Lobby didn't have the 'soft baby steps' they are pretty much the same color though * 

I was inspired by Monsters Inc. , one of Evelyn's favorite movies, for the color selection. She already ooohhhs and ahhhhs over the squares so i know she will love them when they join forces to keep her cozy at night! I'll post pics of the finished project once it is well, finished.


  1. this is gorgeous, and I love the colors!

  2. I love my grandbabies and crocheting some love for them. Let's get an afgan planned for Ms. Flora too.

  3. Do you know how crazed I've been lately about granny squares? I am working on two cute little pillows right now, while I am checking out your blog! There is really something quite addictive about them... Would love to see the whole blanket!

  4. A granny square pillow sounds great! We are almost done with the blanket but it turned out too narrow, so now we are making more squares to make it wider. Do you have a Ravelry with photos of the pillow you're working on??


  5. I will put the photos on ravelry as soon as i am done :) And that would be pretty soon, maybe tomorrow for the first pillow. I added you to my friends in ravelry :)

  6. I love the idea of a limited palette - your colours are delicious! You have a fab feel for colour combinations. What a star!