Friday, June 17, 2011

Feature Friday ~ Sheepish Knitting & Crochet

This Friday's featured Etsy artist, Meredith, is also a blogger whose blog, One Sheepish Girl, is one of the first ones i started following and still read religiously :) Full of knit goodness and inspirations, anyone who is an avid knitter like myself will fall in love with the One Sheepish Girl blog. And anyone who doesn't knit, but loves knit items, will fall in love with Sheepish Knitting & Crochet by Meredith

Chunky Cable Cowl - Cream

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

Hmm let's see...reserved, caring, quirky, patient, and sheepish! ;-)

Stripe Wrist Warmers - Brown and Turquoise

                                                 Tell us a little bit about your Etsy shop, Sheepish Knitting & Crochet

Well it all started last year shortly after I taught myself to knit. Some of my friends thought it would be a good idea if I sold my creations on Etsy. But...I didn't know anything about Etsy! Oops! Thankfully they introduced me to Etsy's amazingness and I was hooked. Each item that I create is so fulfilling. I love that someone somewhere is wearing a scarf I knit and truly appreciates what I do.

Knit Headband - Grey with Yellow Bow

When did you first learn to knit and who taught you?

I taught myself to knit last summer after reading "The Friday Night Knitting Club". I was so inspired to knit that I got up out of my chair, went to Michael's and bought some yarn and knitting needles. For the rest of the day, I sat in front of the computer watching YouTube videos about casting on and knitting my first stitches. After a few failed attempts....and throwing my needles across the room...I finally got the hang of it! Now I am completely in love with knitting and wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't have it in my life. 

Warm Cable Scarf - Grass Green

What inspires your pieces?

I really like classic designs mixed with bright colors. I'm a little color-obsessed. When I find a unique color of yarn, I tend to design a new piece around that color.

Stripe Wrist Warmers - Brown and Cranberry

Can you tell us one vintage and one handmade item currently on your Etsy wishlist?

Oh only one of each?? Haha well let's see...I am in love with this tea bag coaster set from Little Clouds.

Tea bag coasters set - screen printed cork

I would love to own this beautiful typewriter, since mint green is my favorite color at the moment! 

Rare Mint Green Royal HH Desktop Typewriter with pad - Emma

What personal knitting project are you currently working on?

 I'm working on a crochet baby blanket for a friend of mine and her new baby boy! I can't wait to wrap him up in it! 

and just for fun, what is your favorite flavor of coffee and tea?

I love all coffee. I'm a coffee fanatic and I usually like it pretty strong.My favorite flavor of tea is definitely Earl Grey. It makes me feel very British. ;-)

be sure to check out Meredith's shop & blog for more knitspiration!

(see what i did there- i made a word up)

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  1. Oh my goodness!! Only knitting for the past year?!?! Her creations are fantastic. Lovely feature!