Sunday, June 19, 2011

one kickass dad and a morning full of photos

My husband and  the father of my beautiful children. He is so sweet :) Here he is drinking coffee with me in the morning even though he hates coffee. He just knows that it makes me happy to sit together with a hot cup o'joe in our hands like when we were dating (and he pretended to like coffee then too, so he could see me at my favorite local coffee shop in the morning)

His Daddy skills include:
*sweeping his girls off their feet with hugs and kisses whenever he gets home from work
*being able to feed Flora a jar of food without getting a drop of food anywhere
*tickling Evelyn to the point of squeals that hurt my ears
* looking good with a diaper bag across his chest and a baby in his arms
*kissing his babies goodnight, every night

Now, usually I like to keep my blog more 'Folklure' centered, and less about my daily life with family, but in celebration of Father's Day I thought it might be nice share a more family centered post :) So here are some photos of what my morning usually (always) entails...

8:00 am
 breakfast of eggs and turkey bacon. Evelyn loves to have 'tea' with breakfast, aka milk. Flora likes to suck on bacon and i love to drink my coffee out of my Coast Guard mug which reminds me of my Daddy.

9:00 am
 morning laptop time which consists of Etsy shop updating,blog reading, blog get the picture ;) while Evelyn watches cartoons
Evelyn doesn't stay on the couch long though, cuddling/wrestling with Flora is a big part of her morning :)

10:00 am
The t.v is turned off and the kiddos migrate to Evelyn's room to play with toys or in Flora's case, she loves to 'jump' on Evelyn's bed (aka baby squats) Doesn't she look like one of the little owls in the background??
it is getting close to her nap time and all those baby squats made her is sleepy...

 nap time for Flora. I was so secret squirrel trying to get this shot without waking her btw
 and it is Evelyn's craft time! Here is the watercolor she did :) She said it was "Happiny with a hat" (Happiny is her favorite stuff toy/suck my thumb when no one is watching cuddle buddy)

lunch time! I'm making some tomato and basil pasta with mozzarella, and Evelyn is taking a big bite out of the mozzarella in between 'shredding' it. Which consists of her rubbing it against the shredder so lightly that nothing happens, but she thinks she's helping so....

and that is our morning! Evelyn naps after lunch,Flora wakes up for lunch and Casey comes home from work and family time ensues :)

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my daily life with the hubby and babies!

Have a wonderful Father's Day,


  1. Oh my goodness, I love all the pics. Evelyn and Flora are adorable in that cuddly pic together.
    Love the post.

  2. awww yay to all the good dads!!! Love your photos!