Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's in my Bag?

 Louis Vuitton Wallet- A generous gift from my mother, christmas present?Birthday present? Just had a baby present? don't remember. Just know that i carry it everywhere with me!
Prayer Card- I actually got this from a church in Avignon,France and have carried it with me in my wallet since.
Lapis Lazuli Stone- Egyptians have always thought it to be stone of protection and i guess i do too since it has been transferred from purse to purse since high school.
Receipts- My purse always has receipts tucked in the side pockets, usually from my local jewelry and mineral supply store,the post office and Joanns.
Keys- duh. The keychain was a present from a friend when we went to China Town (Las Vegas) together.
Handknit Hair bow- I've knitted a bunch of these for my daughter Evelyn, and i always keep a spare in my purse to hold back her long bangs.
Pictures of my Babies- Of course! i'm that annoying mom who is always whipping out pictures to a stranger. The picture of Evelyn was taken when she was 19 months, so its old but im still quite found of it.
Hand Lotion- it smells like roses and has a hint of shimmer to it :)
Knife- this was a christmas present from my husband -_- it is Vegas after all....
Rose Salve- i use this everywhere! lips, cheekbones &eyelids as a highlighter,knees,elbows, on my babies.... i couldnt leave the house without this!
Chanel Rouge Allure Laque- i use this as both lip color and cream blush. The color is in #76 Ming. Definately a beauty essential of mine!

I like to change my purse every week or two, but this has been a recent favorite and what i am currently using. This bag is so classic in a beautiful cream color with a unique crackled eggshell body. It is a vintage purse from Israel that i purchased from rakshniyavintage on Etsy! It has a kiss lock top and two side flap compartments. The inside is a brown suede material.

I have seen alot of 'What's in my Bag?' posts lately and they had inspired me to post my own! I always loved going through my mommy's purse as a little girl and that curiosity has just stuck with me ;) I am also planning on doing a 'What's in Evelyn's Bag?' post because i think it would be so funny and cute to see what my little two year old finds neccessary to bring out with her everywhere! And as a knitter, i HAVE to share what is in my knitting bag ;) i will be sharing these sometime soon, maybe one next week and the other, the week after that...

I will conclude this post with a shop announcement:

Folklure's blog can now be followed on bloglovin' by clicking this link or the new widget on my sidebar, (under the section 'FOLLOW ME!') I have just started using Blog Lovin' and have to say, i love it! It is a great way to find AMAZING blogs! i hope y'all use bloglovin' too and choose to follow me :)


  1. cute bag! Purses are a vice of mine.

  2. That rose salve looks interesting. And I love the french prayer card.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love the "What's in your bag". Your handbag is such a reflection of you, you are one classy lady :)

  4. where did you get the adorable bloglovin button? did you make it? love it!

  5. i found it on the 'dark knit' blog :)

  6. AH! You are like my bag soulmate hahahahahahahahah I never leave home without my Chanel lipstick, Rose Salve, and L'occitaine hand cream. This is too funny!