Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wishlist Wendesday

                                                        vivian ii vintage style matilda jane

I actually just ordered this headband from Flower Bucket Boutique, so technically it shoudn't list this on my wishlist, but rather my checkbook -_- but i wanted to share it with you anyways! I purchase this unique,eclectic headband for Flora, for her 9 months pictures :) The artist,Jamie (who is such a sweetheart!) is going to make a 'scaled down' version for me, so its not overbearing on my baby's small head. We are also putting it on a skinny aqua headband and using an aqua colored rosette in place of the denim colored one. Why aqua? Because it needs to match the shrug i'm knitting! Flora will be rocking it in her handmade headband and shrug :)
Hand Embroidered Wool Felt Full Size Clutch in Her Random Wanderings pattern Olive/Gold Pewter Grey Turquoise
hand embroidered wool felt full size

Lately i've been in the mustard and blue mood, im sure you can tell by some of my pieces that i am favoring that color combo, *cough, Onyx Arrowhead Necklace, cough* This clutch is perfect to grab and go when i am trying to escape the kids ;) Felted and hand embroidered, the craftsmanship involved in this piece is just beautiful

Adorable Knit Top - Vintage
adorable knit top vintage

i LOVE this top! The variegated yarn in peony and turqouise...the tribal influence design in white...short sleeve and my size?! oh yeah baby. If there are any secret admirers out there, this would be the perfect gift to announce your love with ;)

Vintage 1970s Tooled Leather Wallet
vintage 1970s tooled leather wallet

i've been thinking of getting a smaller wallet lately, just to hold cash and coins for the farmers market, and when i found this one at Second Wind Vintage i did my happy dance :) the color of the leather reminds me of my cowboy boots,so i will be tres tres matchy when i whip it out to buy strawberries

colorful  fabric covered handbag
colorful fabric covered handbag
ok, isn't this bag just awesome? i love vintage bags with structure (i'm not a hobo type of girl) and the colors of the bag are my favoooooorite.

Complete Succulent Wall Art Kit, Comes With 25 Cuttings, Moss And Soil
complete succulent wall art kit

this is a little unrealistic for my house personally- i know Evelyn will climb mountains to touch this, no matter how high i placed this on the wall. But i am so in love with the vertical living garden trend i see popping up, and the mosaic of colors present in this succulent garden are truly beautiful!

Now don't y'all go off and buy my wishlist! But feel free to check out the stores and find a rad alternative ;)

and now, per tradition, i will close this post with an AMAZING shop announcement!

I will be featuring Janelle of Janelle Haskin Handcrafted Creations this Friday on my blog =D

The Leila Rose Headband in Cream and Gold Sparkle
Janelle Haskin Handcrafted Creations

 Janelle's knit and crochet accessories have made the front page of Etsy numerous times and not only that, but Zooey Deschanel has been seen sporting their Mini Bow headband! This shop is legit people. And way cute. Janelle has been sweet enough to agree to an interview here at my humble blog, and she is offering a coupon to her shop, EXCLUSIVELY to Folklure readers! Say whaaaa?
~So definately be excited for 'Feature Friday' ~


  1. That felt bag is awesome. I love the color combo.

  2. I love that handbag, wallet and headband. great items.