Monday, May 16, 2011


Happy Monday friends! And happy indeed, as a new week means new Folklure items! I found a FABULOUS jewelry and mineral supply store here in Vegas and left with a bag chock full o' goodies. I hope you appreciate the uniqueness of each new piece and be excited to know that these 4 new items are just an intro to the 5 new pieces i'm currently working on :)

And the new members of the Folklure familia are......
Bronze Beauty Jasper Necklace

Three pieces of jasper in shades of orange are highlighted by tiny champagne colored,cube beads. Strung on a bronzed chain, with a t-bar closure at back- i like to think of this necklace as the Moss Agate Necklace's younger,rebelious sister ;)

Amethyst Drop Necklace
 Go ahead. Squeal with delight. i know i did! This amethyst pendant was one of the goodies i picked up from the supply store i mentioned earlier. I like to think of myself as a jewlery designer, so sliding a pendant onto a chain isn't really my idea of creating a necklace -_- So I attempted to add some creativity and uniqueness to the piece without overpowering,and drawing attention away from the amethyst. I was actually inspired by my daughter's hair,haha. Evelyn's has fine blonde hair that is always knot in the back no matter how much i try to tame it! So she is always running around with adorable hair clips adorning the little bird nest at the back of her 2 year old toddler head. I weaved and knotted a little nest/web in gold wire and added a small seed bead and a larger rhinestone to add some sheen and pull the piece together. I am very much in love with the necklace right now!

Blue Quartz Point Earrings
I only had one pair of earrings in my shop so i wanted to add another pair. When i saw these quartz point pendants, i knew i HAD to make them into earrings! The creamy blue shade is perfect- i truly believe it is one of those colors that can go with just about anything. I added a couple of tiny seed beads and used 14K gold plated earring hooks.
Blue Quartz Point Earrings

look how simple yet stylish they look dangling!

Onyx Arrowhead Necklace
After seeing arrowhead themed necklaces at Anthropologie,J.Crew and Free People i was more than itching to make one of my own! I'm usually not a fan of yellow- it tends to give my skin a greenish hue. But this mustard shade has enough warmth, and i'm actually prefering this shade lately. The turqouise shade of beads and bronzen chain create an overall tribal/native american feel that is completely wearable.

To give y'all a hint of whats to come, here are some pictures of the other stones/beads that i will be using in my upcoming jewelry pieces:
these babies are 2 inches in diameter, so they are BIG. I have 7 of these unique beads that are made out of some kind of mineral. The shade is a light peach color.

I have 3 of these cloud shaped beads- also made from an unknown mineral (i'll be looking more into what some of these pieces are actually made out of ,haha) i have a really neat plan for these! Here are some keywords to hint at my plans: knit-grey-braid-storm

i lava lava lava loooove this druzy! This was my husbands favorite piece i got and he's 'making' me get more ;)

How different?! I got this for the uniqueness of the star shape but after some trial and error it tends to look a little 'girlish' due to the shape and silver. so right now i'm brainstorming some ways to make it look less....slumberparty and more 'edgy.' right now i think i have a good thought bubble going but i'll see how it turns out as i start making it.

These marble like beads are the same shape as the big peach colored ones, but are significantly smaller in size. The material used is completely different too. The first ones are hard,smooth and hardy- whereas these have a chalkiness to them.

Well i hope you have fallen in love with some of Folklure's new pieces and are EXCITED for whats to come! i'll leave you with this last shop anouncement:

Folklure has just started a facebook fanpage! I will be using this page to show you newly added items, coupon codes,giveaways and to share any publicity Folkure receives (treasuries/features/interviews) I have a link on my sidebar, "Folklure on Facebook" that will take you to the page or you can just click the link shared in this paragraph :)


  1. The onyx arrow head necklace is a show stopper. Found you on a thread via Etsy!

    Priscilla & Vi

  2. That amethyst drop necklace is AMAZING!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!


  3. I LOVE buying stones and beads. I went to my first bead show a year ago and was in heaven! I adore those druzy pendats. What a great find! Beautiful jewelry btw :)

  4. I go nuts when I find new supply stores! It's SOOOO much fun. Well, for me, not so much for the hubby who's having to wait on me...

    Love what you did with the amethyst! It's GORGEOUS! And the little details on the wire... lovely!

    Have fun!!!


  5. found you on EBT. Lovely pieces.

  6. those are some great pieces.