Friday, May 13, 2011

Flora's Shrug

If any of you are friends with me on Ravelry, you know that i've been working on an ADORABLE shrug for my baby girl, Flora. Yes, I live in a desert and yes, summer is coming up- but i've found a loop hole! Crank up the thermostat! I plan on keeping the house nice and chilly so she can wear this as she crawls around the house,eating unknown objects off the floor. Don't try to talk me out of my plan with talk of 'Le Bill'
my husband has already tried.

This is the piece i am working on, the Pearl Shrug by Kristen Rengren
The shape is so unique with a drop stitch trim,broken rib stitches and a conical shaped back.
See the awesomeness of the back and the slight 'puffiness' of the sleeves?

You can find the pattern here in this lovely book. Hardcover with glossy pages full of unique,vintage knits for babies- i couldn't resist. This is actually the book that imspired me to learn to knit when i was pregnant with Flora :)

This is what i have done so far-here is the 'front' view. I just adore the way the front looks, there was 10 rows done in broken rib stitch, then a decrease, then more rows of the same stitch. The decrease is what gives it that neat,fan like appeal.

and the back. Can i just say i want to eat that fluffy ball of goodness! look how blue,squishy and *sigh* perfect that ball of yarn is. now don't tell me i'n the only one who wants to stick a bow on the yarn and take it for a walk? LOL!
The yarn is by no other than Knit Picks, it is their Stroll Sock Yarn in Wonderland Heather. The gauge makes it the perfect substitute to the yarn called for in the pattern,fyi. Speaking of Knit Picks! Let me introduce you to my new best friend!

aren't these just the coolest knitting needles you have EVER seen?!
The neat colored tips are called 'harmony wood' and is made of birch, the cable is actually flexible and is purple! Knitting just got that bit better :)


  1. Adorable! What a great little shrug, I would totally crank up the AC just to show it off :P

  2. The shrug turned out adorable! I think your plan to keep it chilly is brilliant.