Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Burst of Creativity

This past saturday i made 5 new pieces of jewelry for Folklure! With a hot pot of coffee and my hubby home to watch the kiddos, i whipped one out after the other. 4 hours later here are the results:

I am very happy with the new members of the Folklure family :) I have more pictures in my Etsy shop so by all means, feel free to stop by and check them out
And don't you just love the knit sweater i'm wearing in some of the pictures?! Sadly, i cannot say i made it (but i bet i could ;) I bought it from Forever21 for like 20 bucks- i just love how loose and drapey it is, and the eyelets of course! It is very cozy and to be quite honest i've been wearing it around the house all weekend,haha. I am actually excited the weekend is coming to an end *GASP* i know. But for good reason! I am been featured for the first time on Monday!!! 
Flex Family Arts will be sharing an interview tomorrow and i beleive next week they will be sponsoring a giveaway of one of my items =D
i will be giving away my Blue Quartz Point Earrings so be excited!

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