Monday, May 23, 2011


As some of you know i am the captain of the Etsy team, AnthrObsessed. And if you didn't know....well you do now :)

The team badge

AnthrObsessed is a team of Etsy sellers who have banded together under the love of Anthropologie and the inspiration this store brings to our creations. We hope to become an 'independent artists' alternative to the ever stylish, ever expensive, Anthropologie. As a team we support eachother with monthly treasuries and we have just started a blog to help promote and share!

I am really excited about our blog! Every two weeks we have a different featured artist,Wendesdays we share some of our best treasuries and Friday we share some awesome new listings from our members' shops. The post I am most psyched about is our 'Gotta Have It' posts we will have biweekly. What is a 'Gotta Have It' post you may ask? Well....each post a different team member will gawk over an item that they have fallen in love with at Anthropologie and will share an Etsy alternative!

Today the AnthrObsessed blog has featured their first artist, Amy of Amy Geer Designs. So be sure to check out the AnthrObsessed blog to check out this talented home decor extraordinaire! Amy has also been kind enough to offer a 10% off coupon to readers :)

AnthrObsessed is currently accepting new member applications, so if you are an Etsy seller and feel your shop oozes the whimsy and style of Anthropologie, check out our team page for more info and to apply :)

I hope you have enjoyed the awesome items i have featured! As independent artists, our team offers quality items without the 'name brand' price tag- so its a wonderful feeling to find something you LOVE at a price you can afford! and hey, you are supporting people, not a 'big business' and that is something to feel good about too :)


be sure to check out the Flex Family Arts blog to view and comment on MY FIRST FEATURE! I am totally stoked about it, so skip on over there to show me some feature lovin' =D


  1. Love the items, I'm looking on etsy now to find that perfect pink pouch!! Keep up the good work and keep posting the anthro alternatives.

  2. Beautiful finds! I love them all!! Thank you for the featuring my fur pouch:)