Friday, May 20, 2011

Feature Friday- Janelle Haskin Handcrafted Creations

The Mini Bow Headband in Robins Egg Blue Cotton

I am absolutely thrilled to introduce Janelle Haskin of Janelle Haskin Handcrafted Creations! She has graciously accepted my request to an interview here on my little 'ole blog :) Janelle runs a successful Etsy shop full of delightful hand crochet/knit accessories, that have not only made the front page of Etsy numerous times, but have been seen sported on celebrities like Zooey Deschanel! And for good reason too. The craftmanship,unique designs and beautiful color combos are enough to make one swoon- and swoon you shall after reading this wonderful interview...

~ Welcome Janelle ~

Creme de Mint Brass Necklace with Pyramid Studs

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

I always get stuck on this question, so I asked a few friends and chose my favorite answers (wahahaha!) ... Energetic, Sincere, Friendly, Loyal, passionate, and my favorite answer... Dancin' Machine! (Thanks friends!)

The Lady Turban in Avocado Cotton

When did you learn to knit and crochet and who taught you?

I learned many moons ago by my amazing grandmother. She was such a special person and taught me so much. Now whenever I'm stuck I turn to the wonderful world of youtube. There are some seriously helpful people posting videos!! ;)

The Feathered Headdress in Lavender, Cream and Yellow Cotton

Tell us a little bit about your etsy shop, Janelle Haskin Handcrafted Creations

I started my shop a little over a year ago with no real intention of it turning into a functioning business. I've had some pretty lucky breaks and people not only found out about me, but bought and continue to buy my work, which I am constantly greatful for. I've always been creating art one way or another... I studied Illustration in school, so crocheting is just another creative outlet for me. I love designing patterns and coming up with new pieces that people can wear!

Chain of Leaves
What inspires your pieces?

 I'm constantly inspired by life. I love nature and creating pieces that have an organic feel. Sometimes I'll get involved and make something a little outrageous and my fiance will come home from work and I'll jump out and say weelllllll... what do ya think!? And I get the "look" which means I should probably tone it down a notch, but I normally don't! (He doesn't know what he is talking about, right!? ha!) ;)

Mini Bow Headband in Pink Berry

and finally, what personal knitting project are you currently working on?

 Currently I am working on a customer order, and then I'm going to try and rest my fingers-- I just had two big art shows in Philadelphia that I crocheted my butt off for. However, my mind is already roaring with various ideas for capes for fall! I love fall!

Don't we all? At least us knitters ;) Thank you so much Janelle, you're just darling! 

And not only has Janelle taken the time to answer my little questions, but she is offering a coupon to her shop EXCLUSIVELY to Folklure's readers!

go on now, and get yourself something nice ;)


  1. I can totally relate to so many of your answers Janelle! I love those headbands with the feathers hanging, so unique and pretty. I have been a fan of your photography for a while as well:) Yay crocheters!


  2. Nice blog!

    Pigalle Passions

  3. i'm loving the all the headbands...i think i might just have to buy one. Thanks for sharing this wonderful shop.

  4. Love all the headbands,especially that last one, I need a giant flower headband. too cute. Great work.

  5. LOVE the head dresses! Thanks for sharing this!