Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hello everyone :) I have been pretty busy lately getting ready for my !FIRST CRAFT FAIR! next Friday so i haven't done much posting this past week. But i have not forgotten my readers! So here is a little sneak peek at what i've been up to

I casually stamped Folklure onto a round piece of wood (that still had bark on it), with turquoise paint. Then i blotted gold paint onto the bark with tissue to give it a slightly gilded effect. I want to get one of those whimsical birds they sell at craft stores in the floral department and perch it on top, towards the left, with a little E6000. I think that would add great presentation!

I painted two frames to use them as jewelry holders. The smaller frame will have chicken wire in it to display my earrings, and the larger one will have its glass back in. Im going to lay this one on the table to hold rings. RINGS! Thats right. i'm adding rings to the shop and i'm very excited to see how they are going to turn out :)

If you check out my shop you will notice new prices! I've downloaded a 'jewelry calculator' to help me better accurately price my pieces, so some are lower, some a little higher, but i am completely satisfied with each piece's listing price and can't wait to confidently display my goods!

i know people will just throw these away but i'm a stickler for details, so i actually took the time to hand stamp (each individual letter may i add) 50 bags. Now right before you think, "jeez. she doesn't have a life" i'd like to add that this project also resulted in face paintings and hand puppets with my girls :)

just a touch of turquoise brings the table scape together, coordinating lilac and mustard shades compliment the  'look' of the table and the necklaces themselves!

There is only one more DIY project i have planned for the actual display, then the rest of my week/time will be put towards making more jewelry pieces! Along with the 18 items i have for sale in my Etsy shop, i will have 4 more pairs of earrings, 10 rings, 2 more druzy style pendants, and similar pieces to the 'Abstract Butterfly Pendant.' i will be cranking out as many pendants as time allows!

Wish me luck!


  1. It's the little details that people notice. Presenting your customer's purchase in a sweet bag will make them feel special - they'll definitely remember you! Best wishes and much success at the craft fair! :)


  2. Good luck! Your stuff is all so cute and I agree with Amanda: those bags are a great touch. It's the little things that bring people back.

  3. great job on all the prep work. good luck.

  4. Good luck! Looks like you are almost all set!