Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tea Party Bow Barrettes

With Spring/Summer here and the colder months behind us, I decided to take down the bonnets in my Evelyn & Flora Etsy shop and in their place sell hair barrettes and headbands. Ever fond of 'classic' styling I thought a simple bow would be true to Evelyn & Flora's signature style. After looking online, I came across this pattern which I immediatly fell in love with

Wanting a small bow that I could sew onto a hair clip or thin elastic baby headband, I slightly changed the pattern to suit my needs.

I used size 3 needles with a pima cotton blend fingering weight yarn. This is the same yarn I use in my booties, so the hair accessories could easily match :)

I casted on the same amount of stitches (13 for the main bow and 5 for the loop) but i worked the main bow for only 2 inches and the loop for 1in.

Rhinestones securely hot glued down the center really adds something special! The bow looked a little...blah without them, so i'm glad i had a baggie of rhinestones just hanging around ;)

I'm selling them as a pair, and here is a link to my shop if interested:

so far i've made these pink ones for Evelyn and I just got done knitting a pair of seafoam colored ones for Evelyn's friend Betty

The shop is selling not only pink and blue but also in lovely shades of green,ivory,purple,red and grey.

I also plan on ordering thin elastic headbands from this shop:

then sewing the bows unto them so hairless babies like my precious Flora can wear these adorable bows too :)


  1. oh my GOSH! ok, so here I am just cruising over to your blog to see what was going on, and i see my name/bow! ah! i love, love the bow. that photo of Evelyn drinking out of the mug is so adorable!

  2. Aw Thanks! I'm glad you like my take at your design- it would suck if you had saw my post and was like... "what did she do with my pattern? rhinestone? how tacky." LOL

  3. Bows are too cute, love them in that blue color.