Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Successful Antique Spree

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of going antique shopping at Not Just Antiques Antique Mart and came out with a bag of lovely goodies! without further delay, here are my finds :)

This blanket was only $10 and is so soft!I just love all the eyelet and hand embroidered details. easily my favorite find,as i've been wrapped in this blanket ever since i got it home :)

this saucer lost its teacup a long time ago,but i always have a place for mismatched dishes- especially ones with peach colored roses!

I found an old basket full of old wooden spools, so i grabbed four for now and wrapped some loose embroidery thread i had laying around in my craft basket. thats right. i have a basket. I eventually want a whole craft room, but until we move out of our apartment and into a house i'm just going to have to settle with a basket.

Isn't this table setting just....darling. I got so excited with some of my finds i set up our dining room table all pretty. giggled over how cute it was. then quickly put everything away as Evelyn came running to the table saying, "OOOOOOOHHHHHH" haha!
I found the lace tablecloth for only $6 and these awesome green napkins (a set of 4) for $7. I think they have a very Anthropologie flair to them :)

Casey laughed when i showed him these two little spools with a powder pink embroidery thread wound tightly around them. He asked if i was planning on using the thread and I said, "no, i just think they look pretty"

what a gorgeous embroidery job! These darker hues usually aren't my thaang, but i couldn't resist

I got this hankie for my mommy :) M can be for mommy,mimi or McDonald. whatever she likes to call herself,haha. She is coming up for a visit in just 9 days! EXCITED.

love the delicate lace and rose embroidery

precious. I plan on gethering a bunch of hankies to put in my girls 'hope chest'
awwww! Dont you just love vintage baby threads??? I just handwashed this,so its hanging by the window to dry. The cut is the perfect 'babydoll' style,made with sheer white fabric with  dainty pink embroidery around top and bottom

upclose on the hand embroidery. I really fell in love with this dress! I want to hang it in the nursery with a wooden frame around it. but the styling is so simple, i'm aching to buy a sewing machine and make more sturdy,usuable versions of this dress for Flora, and even to sell on my Etsy site! but alas,no sewing machine

I've been asking Casey for a sewing machine the past two christmases and so far all i've gotten is lingerie.

just kidding ;)


  1. Amanda,

    Where is that antique store? I would love to hit it up sometime :-)

    See you soon for Book Club!

  2. love all your new items. that "M" hankie is lovely, thanks for thinking of me. I really loved your tablescape, it was precious, those green napkins were beautiful. you found some awesome things.

  3. What awesome finds. I like all of them but especially the spools and hankies!!

  4. I love all of your finds, but I have to tell you that I love the comment about the lingerie even better. That cracked me up! Such a man...

  5. whoa. these are amazing finds! i think my favorite is the eyelet's truly amazing!

    thanks for stopping by -- and love your blog!

  6. You hit the jackpot!! I love all of your finds but especially like the eyelet blanket.