Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspired by A Sense of Style

Recently i've been inspired by Country Living British Edition's March issue. Specifically the fashion article, A Sense of Style. This article features Eleanor Bursey and her style of mixing contrasting pieces to achieve a casual,folksy look. It is no surprise that i fell in love with her style since Anthropologie was credited for five of the pieces she wore throughout the shoot.
I just loved the mixture of folksy prints,white embroidered tops, knits and the vintage appeal of the clothing shapes.

During this past week my mommy and aunt visited, resulting in lots of shopping! Here are the awesome new outfits i got inspired by these photos:

dark grey and white printed sundress adds a folk-like style to my wardrobe. paired with a drapey cardigan and skinny belt for contrast and texture
 large,eclectic blue bib necklace screams anthropologie without the price tage! pairs nicely with the muted colors of the outfit.

vibrant,floral sundress. Shawl around shoulders adds class,dimension, and a vintage shape. Antique like cuff bracelet is a neutral accent piece that adds a big punch to the outfit

 accordian like folded skirt with a ruffled,white knit top. The top is knitted with a light yarn so it works well in spring. The ruffles add to the femininity of the skirt.

casual tunic in a beautiful linen color with white folksy prints. Paired with skinny jeans and antiqued cuff. This top reminds me of a Serena&Lily sling...

I just love all my new outfits! By layering,adding accent jewelry, and incorporating patterns I was able to channel the style that i fell in love with in the A Sense of Style article.