Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roving yarn and a Percolator

This past week I've gathered some new items to add to my Etsy shop!

I've gotten alot of compliments on my Hydrangea Petal Baby Cocoon, so i want to make more of these in different color combos to sell!

 While visiting Michaels, i came across this awesome yarn in the clearance bin. Its called Haze Bulky Roving by Loops and Threads. The color and texture of the fiber looks fabulous! The roving texture gives the yarn an 'organic' feel and it is very.... tuft-like. the equivalent of staring at another yarn with something in your eye, it has a blurry appeal that would look wonderfully angelic photographed with a newborn.The color i got is called Mauve Mist and it is a nice etheral shade of lilac.

I have tons of WIP so i'm not going to start this project just yet-i'm going to at least finish this pair of legwarmers i'm knitting for Evelyn's friend.
The legwarmers on my Ravelry page

I've also started featuring vintage items in my shop as well- my way of combining my love of knitting and antique shopping! The other day i came across a Corning Ware 9 cup percolator in the blue cornflower pattern. It looked like it had never been used and even came with the original instructions.
This woman pictured on the instructions made me laugh so hard...i'm easily amused.

The percolator is already listed on my etsy shop, you can check it out here:

Well i'm off to ship an order then get to knitting on those legwarmers!


  1. Such cute projects!! I love that percolator!

    Here is my ravelry link for the birthday sweater you asked about! It's really a lovely & easy pattern. I just friended you on ravelry, too.


  2. hahaha, love that last photo. and lovely knits there too!

  3. The clearance bins at Michael's are addictive! I absolutely love the baby cocoons, if I had known how to knit when my babies were still babies I'd totally have made those :)