Wednesday, April 27, 2011



that has been my past week in a nutshell.

but i'm not complaining! i love an accomplished week :) The reason why it has been so busy is because i have just opened another Etsy shop: Folklure

folklure's current focus is on handmade statement necklaces, that i have designed and created out of want for Anthropologie's style jewelry, but without the hefty price tag. Other inspirations and themes throughout my pieces are semi-precious stones, ethnic/tribal like undertones and crochet details.  It has been so much fun letting the creative energy flow,starting a piece and not really knowing what it is going to look like till it is complete! Here are the 6 items i currently have for sell:

semi-precious moss agate statement necklace
Abstract Butterfly Pendant
Tattered Twist Necklace
Tribal Whisper Necklace
The Braided Gem Necklace

Moonlit Quartz Necklace

I'm trying to add new items daily and i'm actually in the process of finishing a necklace that i am SUPER excited about! i'll post a pic when it is complete :)

In reference to Evelyn&Flora, it is still up and running- well walking,haha
my knitting focus is on projects for my girls right now and in between items for them, i plan to knit up a new pieces for the shop. The inventory will fill up slowly but surely!

Well i am excited for feedback on this post! let me know what you think of my jewelry pieces!

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