Saturday, April 30, 2011

Newbies and Inspiration

As promised, here is the new necklace i mentioned in my last post that i am very psyched about:

Doilie Bouquet Necklace

I've been wanting to make a doilie inspired necklace ever since i feasted my eyes upon this one from Anthropologie:
Layers of Grace
                  Inspired by this piece i decided to make something smaller,with more structure and color.
I'm really happy with how my piece turned out, i think its my perspnal favorite from the shop. If i get positive feedback, i'll make the piece in different colors.

to make the piece I used this pattern from Crochet Today

Using the pattern for the rings, I crocheted 6 of these motifs with a larger needle (E) and 3 different color coordinated DMC embroidery thread. I added seed beads around the edging of the two center doilies as well for an added effect. Added a chain and voila!

What other colors would you like to see this piece in?

The latest addition of Folklure are these Jasper Halo Earrings

needless to say, i plan on making tons of these.
maybe i'll sell them, maybe i'll just hoard them,haha

these are the earrings that inspired me
Solar Halo Earrings

yup. anthropologie. Going for $198 there was no way i was going to actually purchase these but they seemed do-able.
Instead of an amber resin center i used green jasper and sticking with my shops crochet detail theme, i used gold wire to crochet seeds beads around the jasper. I added a gold flecked bead for more dangle and swing, attached it to a 14K gold hook and battabing battaboom!
I actually prefer my version over the original
but my opinion is biased ;)

you can check out my shop by clicking this photo below:

On another note, I just wanted to share this knit cotton sweater i came across on Claire Montgomerie's blog,

Beatrice Top
I just love the way the sweater drapes off the shoulders and of course the lace stripes. The lace detailing gives this piece a spring/summer feel that i definately need living in hot 'ole Vegas. This design was published in 'Let's Knit!' magazine back in 2010, but Claire has promised to post the pattern on her Raverly page soon :)

here is the link to her raverly page if for some odd reason you aren't already 'friends' with this amazing designer on Raverly.

Well thats all i have to ramble about today :)
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Wow, Amanda!!! I love that necklace!!! It's awesome! Great work! Oh, and those earrings...gorgeous!!!! I saw that pattern for those rings on Ravelry and thought they were adorable what a brilliant idea to turn them into that necklace! You are so talented!
    :) Beth

  2. Love both the necklace and your pictures, you look beautiful :)