Wednesday, March 23, 2011

symptoms of homesick include: runny nose and cowgirl boots

I love getting packages in the mail. Especially when the package is a pair of cowgirl boots I bought off Etsy! what a nice pick me up, as I've been blowing my nose and moaning the past two days. Being sick is no fun, but being sick in vintage cowgirl boots is :)
When I was a little girl living in Texas,surrounded by family, we would have BBQs all the time while we listened to country music. As we listened, my Grandpa would ask me to "do ballet" which involved me  lifting my little cowgirl boot leg up,and everyone would cheer and applaud my *beautiful* ballet.

I loved those boots! I wore them all the time. But you see, i had a teeny,tiny anger issue when i was eventually my parents took away my boots after i kicked my sister,Maegen, a little too hard one day. bummer.
 Years later (with some anger management under my belt ;) and miles away from family, I've come down with a classic case of 'homesick'. and what better remedy than a classic pair of cowgirl boots that represent so much more than just shoes. seems logical.
Especially since my husband and I are in the process of trying to move out of Vegas, and settle down in a more rural town. I guess all the research into potential areas like Perry,GA, Lees Summit,MO and Claremore,OK has gotten me in the country mood.

And these cowgirl boots are definately country. I think i'm ready for another BBQ with my grandparents...


  1. awww, such a lovely story. We all need to go to Texas for a visit. Your boots are beautiful.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story that was really a nice one I enjoyed reading. Anyway,I like your boots. :)