Monday, March 21, 2011

Recent Junking at the Airman's Attic

When I was a little girl, i always looked forward to sundays with the family. We would go out to an antique mall in Culpepper,VA and my mom would always find some little trinket, and she would get me a little something too if i found something- and i almost always did! So now that i'm a mommy, i'm starting my girls off young- getting them into the junking scene early ;) 7 months seems like a good time to start so the other day Flora and I went 'shopping' at the Airman's Attic on Nellis Air Force Base. This place is just wonderful! It is full of donated pieces such as household items,furniture and baby clothes which are available to E-4 and below for FREE! The military really knows how to support their young,'just starting off' families :)
A little wooden chair for Evelyn
When i first walked in,this was the first thing i saw and knew immediatly it was going to be a good day! My first thought was, "the perfect time out chair!" but once it came home,was wiped down and touched up with wood glue, it is now sitting in the playroom corner,seating sock monkeys and knitted toys.....kind of like a time out chair :P

Evelyn and I had a nice evening reading all these new (well, old) books
They have a bookshelf with tons of children's books! I found some popular baby books like "guess how much i love you" and "I love you through and through" and alot of older,classic children books to read with Evelyn before bed.
Just a few of the little thimbles I found- there was a total of 9 porcelain thimbles that came in a little wooden case.
 anything tiny is adorable in my book. babies and these porcelain thimbles are at the top of my list!
Creamy white dishes. my favorite :)
Don't even get me started on these dishes! You should have seen me when i spotted all these lovely dishes. I scrambled to get them into my cart,ready to hiss at anyone who dared to eye them,haha! There were ALOT there but in the name of not being selfish, i only took 4 of each different dish.

i love the detailing around the edging
The silverware was given to me as a wedding present,so thats not new- but i thought they would look nice sitting pretty with the new plates. And the milkglass bowls were a recent buy at a local antique mall- Not Just Antiques antique mall in Las Vegas. It was $10 for both, a good buy i think.

My mommy hinted in a not so sly way that she wanted in "give me one of those adorable bowls! you know i always share my goodies with you"

that is true! She has shared both her goodies and love for antiques with me; i guess that is worth giving her a bowl....maybe

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  1. Love the little chair, looks great with the old books on it. The asst. dishes were a great find and I have to ask to put one of those tiny thimbles in the box with one of those bowls you'll be sending me. Maybe for Mother's Day;)
    Wish I was Junkin' with you, we'd have a blast.

  2. You found Babar! I loooved him when I was a little girl :-)

  3. Oh your dishes are so so pretty! Lovely whites, the way you have them arranged is just dreamy!
    I am a new fan!