Sunday, March 27, 2011

Indiana Jones and the Raider of the Lost Lamp

This past weekend I went out all by my lonesome self to find some vintage goodies for my Etsy shop. Instead of bringing a 2 year old and 7 month old out, my husband and I decided it best if he stayed home and I take on this adventure myself. At first i was excited to be alone!
"Hey it only took me a second to get out of the car!"  i didnt have to unload a toddler into a stroller, then pop a baby in a sling, grab the diaper bag and longly stare at the coke can in the cup holder of the car knowing that it was physically impossible to bend over and grab it with my doe eyed baby strapped to me. i took a swig of my coke in triumphant as i walked through the parking lot.
Shopping was a breeze. I strolled along with only a basket and the sound of my cowboy boots clacking against the floor. And what awesome finds!

Here is a lamp that i picked up- i think it looks so unique and just fell in love with all the details... the marble base, the powder pink vase like body and the weathered cream shade that has tears in the interior. You can't tell until the light is on, but even then it is cute because the tear resembles a heart :)

Close up of the details. You can see Rachel Ashwell in the background,haha- she would be proud of my little find!

a dish set! I LOVE white dishes, but i don't like 'plain' white. My dishes have to have some kind of design to add texture. and i just love the design on these. a very shabby chic find if i do say so myself.

more dishes. Can you tell i have an addiction? I don't have any serving platters so i beamed when i saw these larger platters- perfect for the book club meeting i'll be hosting soon! The floral plate is an Edwin M.Knowles made in June of 1934~ there is something so special about serving finger sandwiches on a 77 year old plate

i just love this print. It is sitting on my dresser with my thimbles and these little trinket boxes i found! I found 3 total- kept two for the girls and am selling one on my Etsy page. I think they make great 'baby's first tooth' boxes or to hold anything else small that is of importance.

I also got a silver vanity tray that i polished up and am selling on my site :)

After getting all my new goodies into the car i did the only logical next step. grabbed a burger and fries.
I thought eating fast food after antique shopping would be 'fun' and well, all american, but i found myself feeling quite lame. sitting all alone with a burger and fries, taking pictures of myself.
maybe it was the 'taking pictures with the lamp' part that made me feel lame.
But i was taking them for a postcard effect for my hubby

I couldn't resist. have i mentioned how lame i am?

 I'm sure onlookers were confused on why i was taking pictures of myself with a lamp...

Well i was texting my hubby in the midst of all my burger eating,photo taking, odd looks given time, and this is pretty much how the convo went:
Mrs. : " You need to be my "antique adventure" friend"
Mr. : " You mean like Indiana Jones"
Mrs. : "kind of.... but instead of raiding a cave, you'll be raiding yard sales with me"
Mr. : "ok. I'll be your indiana jones"

So now I have my own personal Indie and I will be referring to him as such from now on to give him an air of mystery and to make things more interesting. for example, which sounds better,
" I had a fun time polishing silver with my husband"
" I had a fun time polishing silver with indiana jones"

i thought so.

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  1. What great finds, that lamp is wonderful!
    And you? You are darling!!!

    Nice to meet you, thanks so much for the visit. :-)


  2. This was such a cute post to read. You got some great finds. So glad that I found your blog!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing me to yours! It is lovely!

  4. Love it. The lamp is beautiful and so is ms. Evelyn with her strawberry mouth.