Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dreaming of a White Bedroom

The inspiration
My attempt to create a white slumber land,on a budget
The first thing i did was break out the old white sheets. I stored them away because they eventually turned yellow-y, but with the help of some oxyclean, i have to say i am quite impressed with the results! Then, in order to save money, i just took the floral blue duvet cover off our comforter and left it bare. I'm really craving a nice,ruffled duvet cover in the future but for now this will do.

To bring some texture to the bedding i purchased these Simply Shabby Chic pillow shams. I believe it adds a sophisicated touch for $20 per sham- much less than a duvet cover or quilt.
simple but lovely. just the neccessities- yes, a pink rose is neccessary ;) The lamp is new! Home Goods baby! So you know i got a good deal. The little pink plate was a present from my mommy, perfect to hold my rings when my fingers swell up at night -_- The lace tablecloth is just a cheap little thing i got from walmart for $3 two years ago- i plan on finding an authentic lace throw at a local antique shop to replace it.

Next to the side table is my little $1 goodwill chair. It holds my textbooks and notebooks-safe from Evelyn's crayons in my room! It is now adorned with a gorgeous wreath i recently found at a local shop- gypsy caravan antiques.

my color palette.perfect.

Just look at the texture of the little dainty roses.
 With just a few statement pieces, i was able to create a simple yet beautiful retreat for me - oh yeah, and that dude i share the room with ;)

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  1. I love the wreath and just to let you know, don't bother replacing that walmart tablecloth. It's doing a great job being shabby chic.