Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My 'Mongolian Lamb' Stole

This Fall, you would have to be blind to not notice all the mongolian lamb wool vests,scarves and stoles that are featured in almost every September issue fashion magazine. I instantly fell in love with the white,curly wool. So when my J.Crew catalog arrived and a white mongolian lamb stole was between its pages, i squealed in excitement and was going to order it that second...until i saw the price of course. $98 is a little steep for this mama, but i had to get my hands on that stole- or at least something like it. So i decided to crochet my own version of the stole, not with mongolian lamb wool of course but with a yarn that would still evoke the same feelings of delicate glamour that made me fall in love with the J.Crew original.
I grabbed two 100gram skeins of white Angel Hair yarn by Sensations from Joanns and went to work! I chose this yarn because it was bulky enough to give me the 'coziness' i wanted and it had the soft,fuzzy texture that i was looking for.
After working on the pattern for the past day and a half i am done! It crocheted quickly due to the large size 8 needle that was used.
 I am in LOVE with it! The knit texture makes it not as 'dressy' as J.crew's, so i can wear it during my usual errands as a mom and not feel overdressed,but still glamourous. Putting it on i instantly felt like a classy actress from those old hollywood films :) And who doesn't want a nostalgic piece in their wardrobe? I am certainly happy i saved my money and invested my time instead.