Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Evelyn's New Fall Outfits

Now that Labor Day has passed my anticipation for Fall is at its peak! Chilly winds, leaves changing,cozy knits and pumpkin patches... there is not a more perfect season. Unfortunately the Las Vegas heat is still strong and there are not many 'autumn' activites right now. Except for SHOPPING. Yes i love preparing my wardrobe, and now my daughters closets, for the much anticipated fall weather.
And i'm thrilled to say that i spent last night's evening ohhhing and ahhhing over adorable little girls' clothes at Target for Evelyn. The prices were oh so affordable and the style was Janie&Jack worthy with tee shirts decorated with glitter,appliques and embroidery (crocheted flowers were everywhere!) the dresses had adorable silhouettes in courdoury fabrics of burnt orange,bright pink, teal and olive green. Unfortunately i had a budget so i could not buy the whole section,haha. But i do believe i used my money wisely and got an adorable outfit :)
What an adorable shirt! The writing is glittery and the fuschia rosettes definately add the perfect touch

my favorite :) The writing is embroidered on the shirt and the sugar cubes are glittery. I plan on knitting a shrug for Evelyn to wear over these shirts so the cute designs aren't covered up with a sweater.

The teal coudoury skirt and the knit tights are actually sold separtely but i love the surprising color combination and the cute 'toddler' feel it evokes :)

Evelyn wasn't in much of a modeling mood this morning so this is the only photo i managed to get, but you get the picture- an adorable outfit on my adorable girl!


  1. I love the stockings the most - even when trying to avoid the Mommie paparazzi she looks adroable!!

  2. She looks adorable. Love all the pieces. lovely:)