Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paint Swatches

Our paint color chooses for the new home:

same colors taken in different lighting.
  • The first swatch is 'Pale Bloom' by Valspar (as are the rest). That is going to be our allover/base color of the house. It is from the orange family so it has an ivory, light khaki appearance. This will be used in the foyer,staricases,hallway,laundry room and living room.
  • 'Prudence' is the second color swatch, a dusty blue- though it looks a little more purple in the photo than it really is. This color will be used in the nursery,downstairs bathroom, kitchen, masterbedroom and masterbath.
  • The third color is 'Naivete', a blush pink for Evelyn's room and the bathroom on the second floor.
  • 'Mint Spritzer' is the last color, a cucumber green, which will only be used in the front room.
We are hoping to later on down the road add white bead board (i believe it is called) to the bottom half of the downstairs bathroom wall. For the bathroom on the second floor we want to add white tiling to the bottom half of the bathroom's wall and also up the shower wall.

ideas ideas! so fun to soon be owning our own home- if not the one we are hoping for now, definately another one :)


  1. I have to agree - they are all light and fresh - love 'em all. We're so excited for you and what is available at the cost is an ingredible opportunity for you guys!
    Love ya!!