Saturday, March 13, 2010

Home Improvements

Now that I'm getting my first home, decorating and improvements ideas keep popping up in my mind- every Country Living magazine i've ever read is coming back to haunt me! Though i know a home is a work in progress, and  most (if not all) of these little *tweaks* will take years and years to get to- i'm still far to excited not to write a  blog entry about all my plans :)

we have 2 sliding doors, one the first level that leads to the backyard, and one on the second level leading  to the balcony- so i'd like to install french doors in place of the sliding doors someday.

I plan on putting white tile on the bottom half of the wall  in the bathroom on the second floor. The other half of the wall will be painted 'Naivete' a blush pink by Valspar.

I would like to put beadboard on the bottom half of the wall in the bathroom on the first floor. The other half of the wall will be painted 'Prudence' by Valspar.

I want to eventually take out the laminate countertops in the kitchen and replace them with a beautiful milky marble- how luixurious!

I am absolutely in love with the idea of having a 'farmhouse' sink in my kitchen- i saw it in one of  Rachel Ashwell's books and fell in love.

And there is tile on the kitchen floor and wood on the living/dining room floor- i'd like to take out the tile and extend the wood into the kitchen.

I have always loved the look of a pedestal sink. I'd like to take out the sink/cabinet in the bathroom on the second floor and put a pedestal sink in its place. This would be the same bathroom with the wall tile and  blush pink paint.

I want to get a  chandelier to hang over the dining room table, it would add wonderful romance to the whole living/dining area!

There is a linen closet in the laundry room that i would like to wallpaper. Both the wall and shelfs. All my pretty sheets will be folded with sachets of lavendar :)

a distressed white bar stool to pull up to our kitchen island, 4 will do.

We have nice white cabinets in the house now, but i am thinking i would like to put in glass ones to display all my pretty dishes.

I have always dreamt of a clawfoot bathtub so hopefully the master bathroom will have one someday. And i just love the faucet this picture shows!

The ladder display is absolutely adorable! This picture was featured in a Country Living magazine and i fell in love with the idea. I would like to paint an old wooden ladder and stand it up on the balcony with little terracotta pots of herbs/flowers. nothing to heavy, just dainty lovely things.

We have recessed lighting  in the kitchen, but i'd like to take out the three over the kitchen island and put in some pendant fixtures like the ones in this photo.

I just love the idea and look of  a big 'ole white wooden dining table, like this Shabby Chic one here. the  mixture of distress and elegance is perfect--ecspecially under a chandelier! We have a little round dining table we  are using now, but we are outgrowing it quickly. I plan on putting that one in the room downstairs. I plan to make the room downstairs have a cozy little tearoom feel. our small dining table, floral table cloth and plush seat cushions. teacart with a teaset ready along with precious linens and silver. even a little mini fridge to hold creamers and such. a hutch for my precious china... originally we were going to make it a playroom, but i like this idea  more. a room for tea-the kitchen will be for wine ;)

Once we get the backyard in landscaped/garden mode i'd  like to put a hammock and picnic table in the yard. a little throw and squishy floral pillows adorning the white net will be absolutely heaven come springtime. And eating outside is always a little adventure when the weather permits.

A small change, this darling lever for the toilets will give the whole room a more vintage feel

I'd like to get a hold of a bunch of vintage porcelain door knobs to use through out the house. and smaller similar porcelain knobs for kitchen cabinets.

Well those are alot of ideas and i'm sure i will come up with more, but for now, that will do :)


  1. love all the pictures!! so relaxing. I really like the ideas of french doors replacing sliding glass (yuk), the white tiles in the bathroom and glass cabinet doors to display your "pretties" and of course the farm house kitchen sink is beautiful. good ideas honey.

  2. Love, love your blog- and all the pics! It's such an inspiration!