Thursday, January 7, 2010


My birthday is December 31st. Growing up i always assumed the big party in New York was for me...and so were all the fireworks going off,lol. It was a sad realization when it turned out everyone was celebrating a new year. Well the day i turned 18 was also the day I married my husband so now i'm determined to believe all these parties and fireworks are for my anniversary :) This past New Year's Eve marked Casey's and mine 2nd year together as husband and wife and my 20th year on earth. It was a fun, very caseyamanda day. I slept in and awoke to a yummy breakfast Casey had made me, later for lunch we all went to a sushi buffet and had a great time stuffing our faces- even Evelyn couldnt resist the crab and avocado! That night for my birthday 'celebration' Casey managed to stick 20 candles into a pint of Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake icecream. Once lit it was like staring into the sun and i had to hurry with putting my birthday roses into a vase (Evelyn was about to go blind,she didnt know how to look away) We sang happy birthday and i gave Casey the anniversary card i handmade for him and we all dug into Chicken nuggets. Topped off with a movie from Redbox, it was a good night :)

Birthday Roses from Casey

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  1. very sweet. loved the chicken nuggets that topped off the evening :)