Thursday, January 7, 2010


Every year i think of some new year resolutions that will better myself and my life, but within a week i forget. Usually because i don't tell anyone and there is no one to keep me accountable. Well i'm telling whoever reads this so be a friend and help me out :) Also my 'resolutions' aren't like everyone elses, they are just minor 'i wish i did this more' things so don't laugh.

  1. Take my prenatals daily. I'm so forgetful i take them everyother day and its just not right. So i'm going to set an alarm on my phone so i can remember to take them!... I still haven't set that alarm so let me do that right now. Yup. I just did it.

  2. Water my plants. I'm not even sure if they are still alive... i used to water them diligently in my other apartment but as soon as i moved, i've been a plant killer. Maybe i should make an alarm for that too. would that be weird? *ding*ding "water your plants!" *ding*ding hmmm... i'll just water them right now and try to remember tomorrow.

  3. I want to get back into ballet. My shoes are just hanging up in my room but i'm ready to take them down and put them back on.I love all the barre exercises and the grace of the dance but to be quite honest, i'm a horrible dancer. But i still enjoy it so i want to get back into it. And i definately want to do the mommy and me ballet class with Evelyn when she turns 18 months. She already has her tutu and it will be a fun day when we get her slippers :)

putting them back on

4. I want to do more crafts. I absolutely love crocheting for example but haven't made anything in awhile. So i started on a blanket three days ago and i must say it looks adorable already! i've also made Casey and my sister Maegen cards along with Evelyn's 1st birthday invitations. I've also been doing alot of hand detailing on decorations for Evelyn's party coming up on the 16th.

This resolution has been very fun and easy to keep so far :)


  1. oh honey, love to see you in your ballet slippers !!

  2. i wish i'd kept dancing. i quit after about 4 or 5 years because at the age of 10, i hated being told that i needed to perform in an annual recital to make my dance "mean something". and i was told i needed to be a part of the "competition team" and take part in "grading" because i was so good. I just wanted to dance, dangit! ha
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

    1. Oh I definitely know that feeling! Around the same age, I took a year break and did jazz instead, for about the same reasons. Also I thought ballet wasn't 'cool' for such a cool 10 year old like me ;)