Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Traditions for Christmas

This year will be Evelyn's first christmas so Casey and I are really focusing on what traditions we will raise her with. When it comes to Christmas, Casey and I have two totally different views. On one hand, Casey strongly dislikes how a holiday that should be celebrating the birth of Jesus is intirely focused on shopping,material objects,christmas trees and santa. All this seculiar nonsense. I on the other hand, love to shop and put up the christmas tree, drink eggnog and sing dean martin christmas carols. So we came together and decided how we were going to raise Evelyn to celebrate and view Christmas. Raising her in a christian home, obviously we are going to put the focus of Christmas on the birth of our Saviour. When it comes to shopping/gift giving we decided to give small traditional gifts to eachother or others but really focus on giving gifts through World Vision so that the spirit of giving to those who need, is not lost. And we decided not to put up a Christmas Tree but to use our Advent Wreath as the focal point of Christmas in our home, to surround with little gifts and lights. Casey and I came to the conclusion that putting up a Christmas Tree, a time old pagan tradition, wasn't really the best way to celebrate the coming of Christ,lol. But i love ornaments so i have bowls of vintage ornaments, the wreath is decorated beautifully and I think Evelyn is going to love singing dean martin christmas carols around the Advent Wreath :)

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  1. How wonderful!!! Thank you Casey & Amanda for putting Christ first and making wonderful memories for Evelyn. I LOVE the giving to charity idea too. I'm hoping many in the world, America especially, will wake up and start to do exactly what your family is doing. Enough already! Let's celebrate our Lord & King and honor Him - and what better way than following his instructions to help others.
    Love you guys & I am proud to be your Moma!!