Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

While visting my family in Ohio my beautiful mommy took me to my all time favorite store, Perfectly Charming. It is an antique shop in downtown Medina that specilizes in everything i adore and want to adorn my home with. Previous trips have always yielding timeless precious treasures and this current visit was no different. My generous Mimi treated me to an assortment on vintage Christmas ornaments that whisper shabby chic, an old Christmas tree topper decorated with flaked gold and pink plastic angels and of course a floral teacup. (though im calling this one a teamug for its different low and wide shape)

Evelyn's first christmas ornament

The Amanda ornament

The Casey Ornament

Pink pretties

My vintage tree topper, the faded paint of the angel is just lovely... Casey calls it my 'bone shank' men.

the teamug. decorated with purple and white wildflowers with a gold trim, it sits beautifully on a mismatched dessert plate. I took this picture right before i treated myself to a vanilla merignue and a warm cup of Mother to Be tea.


  1. Love the mug on the plate. the sweets look yummy too.

    mommee :)

  2. the ornaments are beautiful! And they'll go far in making your white tree full of pink!
    Love you!
    Momma XO