Monday, November 16, 2009

New Apartment

i promised some pictures of our new apartment in my last post so here they are :) i still have 6 boxes to unpack so im nowhere near done decorating and getting everything set up but here it is!
This is our living room, with little Jane posing and that is the chair that is tucked between the sofas holding blankets and my cherished Rachel Ashwell books. and yes, i put christmas ornaments randomly around the house in a small attempt to have some kind of holiday feel.
The living room facing the other direction. Cardboard boxes shoved in a cornerwith Evelyn's favorite toy, her stroller. The tv(which is playing Peter Rabbit) stand holding books and albums is actually the bottom of a hutch my mommy(Mimi) gave me- the top is sadly in the closet unused. and here is my lovely simply shabby chic side table holding our fish Murphy and treasures made by Mimi.
Facing the dining area and kitchen, we have granite counter tops and lots of cabinetry! I took off 3 of the doors so i could display my pretty dishes. Evelyn is eating eggs with green onions,ham, havarti cheese and toast for breakfast.
Some lovely dishes, waiting to be used. My teaset that my parents got me as a graduation present- i absolutely adore it!
Our bedrooms. more boxes and an unmade bed with my favorite piece of furniture, my white cabinet. Evelyn's room messy from playing-no decor yet.
Well thats about everything for now. Its been quite a month moving but with everyone finally healthy, and Casey back at work, today starts something new. There is a baby that needs feeding, a puppy that needs walking and lots of dirty laundry that needs washing.


  1. oh honey, your apartment is so nice, love the decorations. the christmas ornaments are lovely. so is Evelyn. I have to say her breakfast sounds delicious!! love the kitchen cabinets without the doors, looks very shabby chic. that little chair in the corner is cute too :) good job.

  2. I *Iove* your white cabinet too! and your dishes are so so pretty! It was definitely a good idea to take the doors off so you could show them off.

    Good luck unpacking and decorating everything, it must be a ton work (especially with a baby and puppy)!

  3. Thank you! I want to get a white christmas tree to put the ornaments on so we will see...oh and the white chair on the corner was from goodwill for a dollar! i love that place :) it has been pretty hectic getting everything sorted out but if i spent less time blogging and more time unpacking i'd probably be done by now,haha