Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Ladies

Evelyn had her 9 month pictures taken earlier this month and i was told i would be recieving an email of the photosession but i have yet to recieve this email so i decided to kick it old school and just take pictures of the pictures. enjoy!

A video of Evelyn standing up by herself and making cute faces! The lighting isn't good but it is still adorable :)

And here is Jane napping with Evie's blankie, she is so cute!

what lovely little ladies


  1. The 9 month pictures are just precious! Evelyn is so adorable! Love the video too! She is just getting so big....we will have to plan a trip soon :) Wanda

  2. tee hee - look at Janie trying to pretend she's a baby too :-)
    Love the video - I'm so proud of little Evelyn, she's going to be walking/running so very soon.
    Mommma XO

  3. we have cute girls in my house :)
    p.s. you're making me do this....

  4. love the pictures.
    :) mommee

  5. Aww I love those pictures of Evelyn! I love the pink and white combo! I can't wait till I have a baby and can dress her up like that!