Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Entry

I have grown bored of Facebook and have decided to try this blog thing as a new way to let family and friends know what i am up to and also as an outlet of thoughts and such. Well as of today our family is finally starting to get over the flu- little Evelyn ecspecially. Us being sick has only slowed down our fun as we have just moved into a new apartment and adopted a shiba inu puppy this month. So lots of new beginnings and slowly trying to settle into a new routine.

Here is Evelyn and I playing on our fluffy cloud of a bed, She was trying to pull at my pearl earrings which ended in lots of giggles and tickles. The later picture was Jane and I about to take a nap together- naps are a very neccessary remedy for the flu. I wanted to upload some pictures of the new apartment but i think i will unpack a couple more boxes so the pictures aren't a blur of cardboard...


  1. Honey, what a wonderful blog, the pictures are too cute. Love you and miss you.
    love, mommee :)

  2. Very nice, and a really good idea. You have a beautiful family. I see alot of love. Keep up the good work.

  3. Aww Evelyn is so cute!! And I think you're right, I'm totally over Facebook too.

    ... and blogging is better for random thoughts anyways!

  4. Love your blog! What a great idea and love the pictures too! We miss you guys! Love ya, Wanda

  5. Thanks you guys! I'm feeling the love:)

  6. great video.
    get Evelyn's blankie off the dog !!!