Friday, November 20, 2009

Bonnet Baby

Last night when i was watching Lone Wolf McQuade with my husband i got the sudden urge to crochet.I guess something about Chuck Norris made me want to make Evelyn a bonnet. So i grabbed a ball of a dusty rose yarn and went at it. It wasn't until morning when i tried the bonnet on Evelyn that i realized it was far too small. The pattern i used is easy to follow but the recommendations on what needle to use for what size, pretty much nonexisted. I tweaked the pattern a little bit this morning and voila! Evelyn now has a precious bonnet :)

*I used a K needle*added a round 8&9 increasing still*stitched 47 sts in Round 1 on Top and Side of bonnet instead of 37*crocheted 2-7 rounds instead of 2-5*


  1. That's so precious! Love the color!

    I should learn how to knit and crochet. My favorite blanket growing up was a green one my nanny had crocheted me!

  2. i love to crochet! blankets,bonnets,cardigans... i can't stand knitting though- it makes me angry,haha