Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Elisha & Molly | Newborn Photoshoot

My best friend Elisha recently gave birth to a baby girl, little Miss Molly. She is just the sweetest, most mild baby I've ever met.  It was such an honor for me to be able to capture some photos of her daughter, as Elisha is the one who usually photographs my children. Once the baby awoke from her nap, we moved into the front room which was flooded with natural light, and Elisha mentored me as we moved about the room capturing little moments here and there. 

Isn't Molly just the cutest?! In between shots I was just smothering that baby in kisses. This was my first photoshoot that didn't involve my own children,so I was a bit nervous,but I'm actually really happy with the results. What's more is that Elisha was happy with the results. 

 A couple of these photographs were taken on Molly's favorite blanket- the Striped Cashmere Baby Blanket  I had knit for her of course. It is just a simple garter stitch throughout- any beginning knitter can do it! The cashmere blend yarn and stripes is what makes it special.

beautiful baby and knit talk all in one post. Yahtzee.


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