Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the weekend

Happy Tuesday! Our family had a fun three day weekend, and though I was terrible at taking pictures the past two days, I did happen to get some shots of my Saturday. Saturday was my 'break from the kids' day- a much needed day for stay at home moms- so my girlfriend and I went out for coffee at our local coffee house (pumpkin spice latte and almond croissant anyone?), then we went to Gail Knits- one of the three yarn shops in Las Vegas. It's not my favorite, but it was the closest one to where we were. 

I loved this unique flower brooch thing

One of Gail Knits perks- a huge supply of vibrant buttons

my favorite kind of yarn- hand painted tonal shades in a soft merino...or alpaca. i'm not picky 

We ended up not getting anything, I was looking for Noro yarn for my Hexagon Blanket and unfortunately it wasn't carried. Afterwards we hit up Gilcrease Orchard for the best apple and pear cider I've ever had.Then we had a couple Mexican street tacos for lunch and finished our day off right with some shopping at Home Goods. I loooove Home Goods, I always walk out with something unnecessary and awesome.

I got this African market basket, I just love the colors. It is now housing some WIPs of mine- the pillow I need some more yarn for and a secret project for a friend.

ok. How awesome is this geode bookend? I actually had to move books out of the way for it to even fit on the bookshelf,haha.
It was a good day. Sunday was family day which was spent mainly at home but ended with taking the girls to the park. They always have a blast. And Monday we actually bought a new car! Hooray! We got a dark grey Prius C, so i'm excited to celebrate our new purchase with a road trip. We are either going to Cali for antiques and markets or to Lake Tahoe for camping. We shall see!

I hope y'all had a great weekend too and I'm excited to share news on a guest post I am writing for one of my favorite blogs. More on that later :)



  1. I want that basket!! Love the shape:) that bookend is nice too, great finds.

  2. I'm glad ya'll like your new Prius! Guess Casey can't tease us about ours anymore... ;)