Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer at Grandma's

For the month of May, the girls and I spent our summer days in Ohio with my family. Now June, the girls are still with their Grandparents while I'm back in Vegas with my husband, enjoying our very first time away from our girls! I'll share pics and more at a later time concerning our one on one time- as for now, i'm feeling quite nostalgic not having my babies around, so i wanted to share a few pictures from our time in Ohio :)

Roadtrip! The whole family took a mini  roadtrip (4 hours) out to Dayton,OH for my sister's Tech School Graduation ceremony.

Family BBQ- The whole family was together for the first time in YEARS! It was so great to see all my sisters again. And what is better than a BBQ to celebrate such a rare occasion?

A picnic and a hike through Cuyahoga Valley National Park. my little desert flowers loved all the green! The ferns,moss and canopy of leaves made me want to build a little cottage right there among it all. speaking of cottages in green surroundings...remember my 'We're moving to England' post? Well guess what friends, we are NOT moving to England :( The orders have been pulled and since then I've been in mourning...

We visited the monkeys (and many other animals) at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Flora and Evelyn both have a little stuffed monkey they sleep with, so this attraction was their favorite. Oh, and the sharks ;)

Hale Farm and Village- We took a trip to the quaint little farm/ reenactment village where the girls got to see old time cottages and craftsmans, like broom makers, candle makers,spinners and weavers. They even got to churn butter, play with chickens and a large 'loom'. It was such a wonderful trip! Of course I walked away with two skeins of handspun,naturally dyed wool... a a want for a spinning wheel ;)

Well these photos pretty much some up my month of May- enjoyable family time out and about. I also spent a good chunk of my time knitting, so I will have to take photos of all the goodies i've made and share them here on the blog. I hope y'all are having a wonderful summer and have enjoyed the peek into mine.