Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break

My lovely sister Sabrina visited us this past week and we all had a blast! We hit up all my favorite Las Vegas restaurants-  In N Out Burger, Hash House A Go Go, Pin Kaow and Sushi in Summerlin. We spent a considerable time in Target's beauty department, buying way too many lip balms and nail polishes. Does any one else experience that Target 'time warp' - when you think you've been shopping for an hour but it turns out to be 3 hours? Its a real thing, i'm sure. Sabrina and I even did the tourist thing and we walked the Strip. I made sure to get pictures of her in front of the Bellagio water show, The Volcano at the Mirage, in front of the many statues Caesar's has to offer and all the other classic Vegas venues. All in all it was a fun,laid back time- full of iced hazelnut coffees,glitter polish and backyard movies (camp-out anyone?) It was a wonderful change of pace to be 'Amanda', not just 'Mommy' for a few outings. Not that we didn't do kids activities either ;) There was park time, a bunny petting zoo and a fair share of tickles and giggles as we spent most of our time home just enjoying family.

I hope you and yours had an equaling fun spring break and I'll be sharing pictures from Easter in my next post. 



  1. Replies
    1. That sounds like so much fun! We haven't been to Vegas in ages, I think you've inspired a trip! BTW, your girls are adorable!

  2. sounds great ;) and beautiful pics. i just bought jess that super cute dress in the first picture!

  3. Hy beautiful! your blog is so sweet! I was wondering, would you like to follow each other? :X

  4. I didn't know you lived in Vegas! I lived there for three years! Miss it every day!