Monday, February 27, 2012


phew. 10 days since my last post. It has been a crazy 10 days indeed!

Here are the shenanigans this family has been up to lately...

* I 'strained' my 'bicep tendon'. I put this in quotation marks because I don't think I strained anything, I just think my arm was dislocated in some way... anyways, here is what happened. One day my right arm was really sore, and as the day progressed the less I could move it and the more pain it was in. It came to a point where I could not move my arm at all and was near tears. So I went to the ER and was told I strained my bicep tendon. I visited my doctor the next day and guess what? I was told I strained my bicep tendon. And that I would need physical therapy and possibly surgery. So I go two days in pain, wearing a sling, trying to care for my kiddos,puppies and house. That was an adventure! On the third night I decided not to wear my sling to bed, since I hadn't gotten much sleep the past two nights. Well that morning I instinctively stretch, and as I did, my shoulder made this loud pop noise. And I could move my arm again. and it wasn't in pain.And I did not put the sling back on! Kind of miraculous, right? I don't know what was wrong to begin with,as x-ray results showed I did not have a dislocated shoulder, all I know is that I am cancelling my physical therapy sessions.

* Poor Evelyn has had a TERRIBLE rash the past 3 days- like, hives kind of rash. I don't know if it was from an allergic reaction to something or the side effect to a viral infection. She has been taking colloidal oatmeal baths and has been dowsed in calamine lotion to alleviate the discomfort. She has an appointment tomorrow so we will see how it goes. Oh and on top of that, she has been to the doctors twice these past two weeks for a reoccurring cough that is STILL going. geesh,poor baby.

*On a slightly more positive note, Flora is in the early stages of potty training! Early stages as in, taking of her diaper, peeing on the floor, then meandering to the baby potty when mommy gives her 'the look'. Its a work in progress.

*Evelyn has been causing quite a scene in social outings. Her new thing is saying (yelling), "I'm so hungry!" repeatedly. Which would be cute if she didn't pronounce it, " I'm so horny!" So i'm sure you can imagine the stares we receive in restaurants when Evelyn yells at the top of her lungs, "I'm so horny!" as the waiter puts her food down. It is only funny the first time.

// Flora after she has rubbed yogurt in her hair
// the face she makes when we read 'The Pout Pout Fish'
// living the sling life
// making a mess is exhausting. Notice the apple? Evelyn put that their for here just in case she got hungry :)
// finally getting around to putting portraits up on the wall!
// Flora playing fetch with Daddy and Cobalt



  1. I just had to recommend coconut oil for her rash, it was a lifesaver for my Luna. xoxo

  2. oh Evelyn and Flora are so funny. What an adventure you are on:)

  3. Making a mess IS exhausting!

    And that fish face - oh my.

    p.s - we are neighbors on Top Baby Blogs so I thought I would say hello. :)