Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today i'm inspired by...Cobalt

There is a new addition to the Thornton household! We have recently adopted a Labrador/Australian Shepherd puppy from a local shelter, and it's a boy! We've named him Cobalt and he is 10 lbs of cuteness and destruction! Chewing on everything,peeing everywhere, running around like crazy.... this past week has been a blast.
Yet, aside from the expected destruction of puppies, he is GREAT with the girls,loves to cuddle and actually has a fondness for carrots and turns his nose to bacon...interesting little vegetarian dog. He is suppose to be my husband's dog, as Pip is mine, but there is an unspoken truth that Cobalt might actually love his mama more- gasp!

The adjustment with Pip has been the biggest obstacle, as Pip has turned out to be quite the jerk with other dogs -_- its been a week since we've adopted Cobalt, and they have become sooo much better with eachother, but its still a daily stress of mine. Aside from the stress of a new puppy, there are the perks! The cozy,cuddle moments, watching Evelyn giggle as she plays with him, the smile on Casey's face as Cobalt comes bounding to him when he gets home from work, and my favorite: chuckling at the way he still suckles in his sleep. I'm telling you, if this dog had a thumb- he'd suck it in his sleep. And my second favorite puppy perk is puppy shopping! These days, shopping for a puppy has become as fun as shopping for a baby with all the selection out there. I thought i'd share a few finds with y'all here...

All these goodies make me wish there was such a thing as a 'puppy shower'
is that weird?


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