Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday Girl

December 31 was my birthday, and yes, I am just now writing about it...10 days later. I won't get into how hectic this past week has been, instead i'll just chat about my fun little day. So start things off right, I baked cranberries muffins with the girls- and I have to say they were quite delicious! I opened a couple presents from relatives with the girls; This book pictured below (which I am totally stoked about!) and a knitting needle case. 
My girlfriend Elisha took me out for lunch and it was so nice to have some girl time on my birthday,just talking and laughing, not having to worry about kiddos or wild puppies. She even got us cupcakes :) When I got home, the hubby had decorated our little breakfast nook with a banner,streamers and had my presents laid out on the table. It was a very cute sight, as the last time I had a 'decorated' birthday was when I was pregnant with Evelyn,haha. The family got me a Keurig, a pocket knife and an Office themed card. The Keurig makes the most yummy coffee and I was very happy for my knife since the last one Casey gifted me, got confiscated at the airport...oops. Now, not only was it my birthday but it also happened to be our 4 year anniversary (I know, I should have known better than to get married on my birthday, which also happens to be New Years Eve- just way too much at once! ) So I got Case a video game for our anniversary and we went out for sushi together, which was very very delicious! By the time we got home it was close to 9, and to us, that is partying hard. So we decided to postpone the cake baking/eating for the next morning.

Which turned out to be a great idea, because what is better than a yummy cup of coffee and chocolate cake in the morning? This,like the decorating, was also very special as I haven't had a cake for my birthday for the past 4 years. 

Now that I'm one year older and the year has turned again, it is time for New Year resolutions. There are a few things that automatically come to mind- but I think this year I will honestly reflect on this past year and myself, to come up with a genuine resolution...something beyond 'lose 5 pounds.' I'll share my reflections in a future post :)

How was your New Years? And i'd love to hear what your New Year resolution is!



  1. Happy birthday! That book looks wonderful!

  2. happy belated birthday! if you're gonna have a birthday close to Christmas, New Years Eve is the way to go ;)