Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Fun // Herringbone Cowl

 How was everyone's weekend? Our family had a great time- it was one of those 'out of the ordinary' weekends that you wish y'all did more often. Friday night, My husband and I went on an actual DATE! It's been forever since we've been alone together, so it was so special to go out for sushi and a movie ( we saw Tower Heist- have you heard of it? It was pretty funny) And I am very grateful to my friend who watched my crazy kiddos so I could enjoy an evening of adult conversation... which now that I think of it was just talk of the kids -_- haha, so is the life of parents!

Saturday, the family took a lovely scenic drive through Mount Charleston! Only 30 minutes out from our home and we are surrounded by mountains,snow and fresh, pine scented air- what a change from the desert surroundings we are use to! Thanks to our lack of snow clothes, we were only out in the snow for like 5 minutes before Evelyn demanded we go back in the car. I bundled them up warm but there was no getting around our lack of gloves,haha. But this was a wonderful excuse for me to rock my Herringbone Cowl I had recently finished knitting! (visit the above link for more knit specific info like needles,yarn and pattern)

Sunday was a relaxing,domestic day of cooking and knitting. Here are some pictures of Evelyn wearing one of Flora's hats, with hot cocoa on her shirt and face, cutting mushrooms with her wooden knife. We made chicken mushroom alfredo :) Its not shown in the pictures, but Flora was at the base of the chair with a sponge, 'cleaning' the floor. that's my girl ;) 



  1. Looking lovely in the snow there mama-in-a-cowl!

  2. Beautiful pics, Evelyn is too cute helping you in the kitchen:)